25 BEST tourist places to visit in Patna

Patna is so ancient place in our history. It is capital of Bihar and famous for its Madhubani Painting, Litti Choka, Jalebi and many more. There were many tourist places to visit in Patna that you can explore and get to know more about this beautiful city. Many people in India doesn’t know much about Patna and its culture. So, this blog will give you knowledge about the Patna (capital of Bihar) and will inspire you plan a trip to this city.

(1) Golghar

Golghar, an enormous granary, was built by Captain John Garstin for British army in 1786, after the terrible impact of 1770 famine. The winding stairway around this monument offers a brilliant view of the city and the Ganga flowing nearby. It is pillar-less with a wall of thickness of 3.6 m at the base height of 29 m. This is used to store huge quantity of grains and many more food materials which can be used during high inflation time. The depository having a capacity of 140000 tonnes, was built after the orders of Warren Hastings, Governor-General of India in 1786.

The visiting time of tourist is 9 am to 6pm and opens for all days in week except Monday. A laser show is also organized in the premise of Golghar. Laser show demonstrates the history of Golghar and Patna. Laser show in only organized in the evenings of weekends from Friday to Sunday. Timings of laser shows start from 6 PM and first show timing is 6.15 PM and second show time is from 7.15 PM. Ticket sale for the same starts 30 minutes prior to the show. Ticket price is 30 Rs.

Location: Opp.-Govt. Girls High school, Ashok Rajpath Rd, Patna, Bihar 800001

Golghar, Patna

(2) Sri Krishna Science Center

 Shrikrishna Science Centre is a science museum in Patna, Bihar, India which was named after the first Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Krishna Sinha. It was inaugurated on 14 April 1978, by the Minister of Education, Shri Thakur Prasad Singh. This place is very good for grasping knowledge for children and adult both. The visiting time of tourist is 9:30 am to 6pm and opens for all days in week except Monday. The entry fee for General Visitors – Rs.35.00 per head,; 25 or more Visitors in a group – Rs.20.00 per head; Students in Groups – Rs.10.00 per head.

Attraction in Science Center

The center is made up of galleries that teach different science topics: Fun Science Gallery covers physics and math with 50 hands-on exhibits, Mirrors and Images Gallery, 3D show, Evolution Gallery with 60 interactive exhibits that explain the origin of the universe and its life-forms, including man. Science Park with 40 exhibits where children can play; Jurassic Park with moving dinosaurs; and exhibits on oceans and Indian scientists. A new gallery on images and mirrors will have around 60 exhibits. The gallery will showcase the concept of reflection, illusive images, 3D images, medical imaging, concept of colours, and digital and virtual imaging. Several immersion virtual exhibits will be part of this gallery.

Location: West Gandhi Maidan, Raja Ji Salai, Dujra Diara, Patna, Bihar 800001.

Sri Krishna Science Center, Patna

(3) Bihar Museum

Bihar Museum is a state museum located in Patna. The children’s museum’, the main entrance area, and an orientation theatre and remaining galleries were opened to the public in October 2017. More than 100 artifacts were transferred in Bihar Museum from Patna Museum.

It is located in Patna, the capital city of the East Indian state of Bihar. Its exact location is on the southern flank of Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Bailey Road, in Patna. It is spread over an area of 13.9 acres. The Bihar Museum has several galleries. These include The Orientation gallery, The Children gallery, The Regional gallery, The Contemporary gallery, The Historical art galleries, The Bihari Diaspora gallery and The Visible storage gallery.

The visiting time of tourist is 10 am to 6 pm and opens for all days in week except Monday. The entry fee in Bihar Museum are Rs.100 for Indian tourist and Rs.500 for foreigner tourist.

Address: Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Bailey Rd, Patna, Bihar 800001

Bihar Museum

(4) Sanjay Ghandhi Botanical Garden

Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan (also known as Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park) or Patna Zoo is located off Bailey Road in Patna, Bihar, India. The park was opened to the public as a zoo in 1973. The park is Patna’s most frequented picnic spot, with more than 36,000 visitors on special occasion. The morning joggers has free access to it during morning hours(5 am to 7am).

The zoo is currently home to over 800 animals of about 110 species, including lion, tiger, leopard, clouded leopard, hippopotamus, crocodile, elephants, monkeys, Himalayan black bear, jackal, black bucks, spotted deer, peafowl, hill myna, crocodile, python snake, Indian rhinoceros, chimpanzee, giraffe, zebra, emu, and white peacock and many more.  the park currently houses more than 300 species of trees, herbs and shrubs. Plant exhibits include a nursery for medicinal plants, an orchid house, a fern house, a glass house, and a rose garden. The park also includes an aquarium which is the largest revenue generator after the general admission fee. The aquarium has about 35 species of fish, and the snake house has 32 snakes belonging to 5 species.

The visiting time of tourist is 10 am to 7 pm and opens for all days in week except Monday. The entry fee for General Visitors – Rs.30 per head(for adult), Rs.10(for children below 5); 10 or more Visitors in a group – Rs.25 per head; Students in Groups – Rs.5 per head.

Location: Bailey Rd, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800001

Sanjay Ghandhi Botanical Garden

(5) Marine Drive at River Ganga

Marine Drive Patna, also known as Loknayak Ganga Path, is a transformative infrastructure project that is revitalizing the city’s waterfront and establishing Patna as a modern and vibrant metropolis. Ganga Path (Patna Marine Drive) was planned to ensure a smooth flow of traffic between east Patna and west Patna, and ease the traffic congestion at Ashok Rajpath. Patna Marine Drive was inaugurated by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on 14 August 2023. It is a 20.5-kilometre-long (12.7 mi) road built between Digha and Deedarganj in Patna at a cost of Rs.2234.46 crores.

Marine Drive Patna

20 ghats were to be developed along a 2.3-km promenade with four cultural centres on the stretch of Patna riverfront. 4.5-metre wide esplanade has to stretch from Collectorate Ghat to Adalat Ghat (470m), Adalat Ghat to Gandhi Ghat (1132m), Gandhi Ghat to Rani Ghat (384m) and — after a gap of few ghats — Bhadra Ghat to Nauzar Ghat (330m). This project is part of National Ganga River Basin Authority.

Every Saturday and Sunday the famous Gandhi Ghat also known as NIT Ghat at Patna is now witness to the evening Ganga Aarti conducted by the State Tourism Department. Thousands of people from all over the state come to watch the Ganga Aarti at this Ghat.

Ganga Arti at NIT Patna Ghat

Location: M32X+86G, Loknayak Ganga Path, Bajitpur, Digha, Patna, Bihar 800011

(6) Gurudwara, Patna Saheb

The Patna Saheb Gurudwara(Takhat Sri Harimandir Ji) is considered to be one of the holiest of the five “Takhts” or seat of authority of the Sikhs, located in Patna, Bihar, India. The famous Guru Gobind Sahib Gurudwara is an important shrine for Sikhs from all over the world. Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru, was born in Patna, Mughal Empire on 22 December 1666. He also spent his early years here before moving to Anandpur Sahib. Besides being the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh, Patna was also honored by the visits of Guru Nanak and Guru Tegh Bahadur. The current acting jathedar of Takht Patna Sahib is Baldev Singh, who was appointed by Harpreet Singh, the acting jathedar of the Akal Takht on 2 December 2022.

A morning prayer called ardaas is being performed here every morning at 5:45 A.M and evening prayer at 6:00 P.M. The langar or free food service is offered here to all the visitors and visitors are also welcomed to volunteer in langar services since it is believed to be an offering to God. The visiting time for pilgrims is 2:30 am to 8 pm and opens for all days.

Location: H6WJ+332, Takhat Sri Harmandir ji, Harimindir Gali, Patna Sahib, Jhauganj, Hajiganj, Patna, Bihar 800008

Gurudwara, Patna Saheb

(7) Ghandhi Maidan

Ghandhi Maidan is the largest field(maidan) in India, located in Patna, the iconic symbol of Patna. Gandhi Maidan is a historic ground in Patna, near the banks of the Ganges River, in Bihar, India. The Golghar falls to its west. It is spread across 60 acres of land. The historic Patna Lawn was renamed Gandhi Maidan in 1948 after his assassination as a tribute. A statue of Gandhi was erected in 1990s near the southern end. It has a great political significance as well. Several movements were launched on the Patna Lawns during the Indian freedom struggle, the most important being the Champaran movement and the Quit India movement of 1942. JP Movement, the successful opposition movement to Indira Gandhi, was also launched from this historic ground.

Presently, this ground is used for private parties, mass prayers and trade fairs. The flag-raising ceremony on the Indian Independence Day and Republic Day is held here by the Chief Minister and Governor of Bihar respectively. The Gandhi Maidan is Patna’s most popular landmark. There are five gates to enter the Gandhi Maidan. It was here that Mahatma Gandhi held his prayer meetings, when he visited the city. Rows of handsome trees line the periphery of the ground.

Location: North -West Area of, Gandhi Maidan Rd, Patna, Bihar 800001

Ghandhi Maidan

(8) Buddha Smriti Park

Buddha Smriti Park also known as Buddha Memorial Park (as translated in English) is an urban park located on Frazer Road near Patna Junction in Patna, India. This park has been designed by Vikram Lall and developed by the Bihar Government to commemorate the 2554th birth anniversary of the Buddha. This park was inaugurated by the 14th Dalai Lama on 27 May 2010 and planted two saplings one was brought from Bodh Gaya and the other from Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka of the sacred Bodhi tree. 

The central attraction of this park is the stupa, known as Patliputra Karuna Stupa, 200 feet high, situated in the middle of the park. This 22 acre park located in the heart of city house the pot containing holy ashes of Buddha inside the main stupa. The park has a museum and meditation hall for prayers. This 22 acre park located in the heart of city house the pot containing holy ashes of Buddha inside the main stupa. Previously the pot containing ashes of Buddha was for display in Patna Museum, pot was earlier excavated from Vaishali.

The entry fee in Buddha Smriti Park is Rs.20. The visiting time of tourist is 10 am to 7 pm and opens for all days in week except Monday.

Location: Frazer road Near Buddha park, Patna, Bihar 800020

Buddha Smriti Park

(9) Funtasia Island, Water Park

Funtasia Water Park is an amusement and first water park located in Patna, India. The park contains many attractions such as numerous water slides and water playgrounds. The park is owned and administered by Mumbai-based Takshila Seas & Resorts Private Limited. The water theme park is located on the New Bypass road. It is 11 km away from Patna Junction and about 16 km from Patna Airport.

Park Attractions are :

  • Water slides
  • Wave pool
  • Swimming pools
  • Kids water slides
  • Two Kids wave pool
  • Multi cuisine restaurant
  • Coffee shops, Souvenir’s shop, Banquet hall

The entry fee in Funtasia Island, Water Park are Monday to Friday Rs.400, on Saturday and all public holidays Rs.500. The visiting time of tourist is 11 am to 6 pm and opens for all days in week except Wednesday.

Funtasia Island, Water Park

(10) Patna Planetarium

The Indira Gandhi Planetarium is one of the largest planetariums in Asia. It is named after senior Indian National Congress leader and former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. It attracts many domestic as well as foreign tourists. The planetarium has regular film shows on subjects related to astronomy. It also holds exhibitions, which attract many visitors. The planetarium uses traditional opto-mechanical projection of celluloid film.  

The entry fee in Patna Planetarium are Rs.50 for 2D show and Rs.60 for 3D show(for child) and Rs.80 for 2D show and Rs.100 for 3D show(for adult). The timing of Patna Planetarium is 10 am to 5 am. The show timing in Patna Planetarium are 12:30 pm, 2pm, 3:30 pm and 5 pm.

Location: J46J+4Q4, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Adalatganj, Kidwaipuri, Patna, Bihar 800001

Patna Planetarium

(11) Mahavir Mandir

Mahavir Mandir is one of the most sacred Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman located in Patna, Bihar, India. This is one of the best and oldest Hanuman temples in the country. Mahavir Mandir is the most famous temple of North India where lakhs of devotees visit the temple every year. The statue of Sankat Mochan holds a special place in the hearts of the devotees. Many people come to this temple on the holy occasion of Ram Navami.

There are two pair statues of Shri Hanuman ji together in the temple, the first is Paritranaya Sadhunam which means for the protection of good people and the second is Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam which means to remove the evil of evil people. Apart from this, there are also temples of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, and Durga Mata in the premises of this temple. In these temples, idols of various gods and goddesses including Radha-Krishna, Ram-Sita, Shiva-Parvati, Nandi, Lord Ganesha are installed. Apart from this, there is also a Peepal tree next to this temple, in which Lord Shani Dev is present.

Specialty of Mahavir Mandir

The temple was renovated between 30 November and 4 March 1985. The area of ​​the temple is spread over 10 thousand square feet. There is a temporary Ram Setu on this floor. This bridge has been kept in a glass container. The specific gravity of this stone is only 13,000 mm while its weight is about 15 kg and it is floating in water which never sinks.

The name of the trust of this temple is Shri Mahavir Sthan Nyas Samiti, which is the largest religious trust committee of North India, apart from Mahavir Cancer Institute and Research Centre, this committee also runs Mahavir Vatsalya Hospital, Mahavir Aayog Hospital and many other hospitals for the poor and for the benefit of the needy people, along with this, this religious committee also runs orphanages in the rural areas of Bihar. With the income from this temple, Mahavir Cancer Institute, Mahavir Arogya Sansthan, Mahavir Nethralaya, Mahavir Vatsalya Hospital are run in the public interest, where people are treated at minimum charges.

Another specialty of the temple is its Prasad, which is offered to the presiding deities. “Naivedyam”. Naivedyam of Mahavir Temple is synonymous with laddus which are offered to Lord Hanuman. In Sanskrit language, Naivedyam means offering food items to the deity. This Prasad is prepared by experts from Tirupati with gram flour, sugar, cashew nuts, raisins, green cardamom, Kashmiri saffron and other flavors are added, cooked in ghee and made in the shape of a ball. The saffron used in making naivedyam is procured directly from growers in Pampore district of Kashmir which is known as the land of gold (saffron) in Kashmir.

Location: J538+CVQ, Rd Number 13, Rajendra Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800016.

Mahavir Mandir , Patna

(12) ISKCON Temple, Patna

ISKCON Temple took 12 years to build the temple. Also, it was built at a cost of 100 crores. At the same time, on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, it was inaugurated with Pran Pratishtha. Spokesperson of Patna ISKCON temple, Nand Gopal Das told in a special conversation with Bollywood Wallah that a glimpse of Vrindavan will be seen in the temple

From the Patna Junction, ISKCON temple is only 1 kilometer away. So, we really do not need a vehicle to reach the temple, and according to Google maps, if we walk to the temple, will take only 700 m. It will take you around 10 minutes to walk there. The entry in ISKCON Temple Patna is free. The timing for pilgrims in ISKCON Temple Patna are 4:30 to 5 am, 7:30 am to 1 pm and 4:30 to 8:45 pm and it opens for all days in a week.

Location: J44M+Q6M Golok Dham, Buddh Marg, Adalatganj, Veerchand Patel Road Area, Patna, Bihar 800001

ISKCON Temple Patna Aarti Timings

The ISKCON temple in Patna has 9 artis in total. Here are the details of these timings.

Arti NameTiming
Samadhi Arti04:10 AM
Mangala Arti04:30 AM
Tulasi Arti05:15 AM
Darshan Arti07:15 AM
Shrinagar Arti07: 15 AM
Pushpa Arti08:30 AM
Raj Bhoga Arti12:30 PM
Utthapan Arti04: 15 PM
Sandhya Arti07: 00 PM
Source: ISKCON Temple Patna Website

Interesting Facts about ISKCON Temple Patna

  • The ISKCON temple in Patna is spread over an area of 2 acres and stands 108 feet tall.
  • The sanctum sanctorum (garbhagriha) of the temple can hold 5000 devotees at once.
  • The temple has 84 pillars to support it, making it earthquake resistant.
  • The construction of the temple took 12 years, from 2010 to 2022, with a cost of 100 Crores.
ISKON Temple Patna

(13) Eco Park

Rajdhani Vatika, better known as Ecological Park or Eco Park, is a park located at Strand Road in Patna, Bihar. This park was inaugurated in October 2011 by Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar. The area has 1,445 m of pathway, a children’s corner and 1,191 m jogging track. It has been developed to ease the load of Patna Zoo. The park is spread over 9.18 hectares of land, including two lakes.

The park is full of green areas with more than 3,000 varieties of plants and has two large sections. The first section has a children corner, food court, and several fountains. The second part has theme parks like Rashi Van, Guru Vatika, Panchwati and Kewli Van. In the second section of Eco Park, there exists a restaurant and a lake with boat rides including gym and both the sections in Eco Park are interconnected through a tunnel.

The entry fee in Eco Park are Rs.20 for adult, Rs.10 for children of age 5 to 11 yrs and 5 yrs below children is free. The visiting timing of tourist in Eco Park is 11 am to 7:30 pm and opens for all days in week except Monday.

Location: Park, Ground Floor Paatliputra, Sri Krishna Puri, Patna, Bihar 800001

Eco Park, Patna

(14) Ghandhi Ghat, NIT Patna

Gandhi Ghat is situated on the bank of the Ganges. It is located behind National Institute of Technology, Patna and is around 5 Kilometers North East of Patna Junction railway station. The ghat is famous for its Evening Ganga Aarti.  It is also associated with the immersion of ashes of Mahatma Gandhi in the river Ganges.

State tourism department organizes a kite festival on the Sabbalpur diara island, across the river on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Festival first started in 2011 and has been organised every year since then. Ganga Vihar is a River Cruise ship with restaurant on-board also known as the floating restaurant. It runs Sunset Cruise and Leisure Cruise/Corporate Cruise with boarding for tourists from the ghat.

Location: Patna University Campus, Patna, Bihar 800006

NIT Ghandhi Ghat, Patna
Wall Paintings at NIT Ghandhi Ghat

(15) Revolving Restaurant

Pind, The Revolving Restaurant, is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Patna, located within the iconic Biscoman Tower. It offering an unforgettable dining experience, Pind boasts an enchanting ambiance, authentic flavors, and panoramic views of the beautiful city of Patna. The founder of Pind Balluchi, Mr. Jaspal Singh Chadha, comes from the Food & Beverage background and has applied modern management techniques to his chain of restaurants to create an aesthetically commendable blend of traditional and modern ambience.

With its innovative concept of a revolving restaurant, Pind takes dining to new heights—literally. The entire restaurant gently rotates, providing a mesmerizing 360-degree view of Patna’s skyline. Pind is also a preferred destination for hosting private events, corporate gatherings, and social celebrations

The timing for visiting in Revolving Restaurant is 12 to 10:30 pm and it opens for all days in a week.

Location: Biscomaun Bhawan, 16th, 17th & 18th, Gandhi Maidan Rd, Patna, Bihar 800001

Revolving Restaurant, Patna

(16) Patna Museum

Patna Museum is the state museum of the Indian state of Bihar and its construction started on 3 April 1917 during the British Raj to house the historical artefacts found in the vicinity of Patna. It is in the style of Mughal and Rajput architecture and is known locally as the Jadu Ghar

There were many display in the museum includes archaeological objects, coins, art objects, paintings, instruments, textiles, paintings, thankas, bronze images and sculptures and terra cotta images by Hindu and Buddhist artists. It has a rare collection of British-period paintings depicting day-to-day life, as well as a fine collection related to the first President of India, Rajendra Prasad. It also houses a World War I cannon and fossil of a tree said to be more than 200 million years old. Rahul Sankrityayan donated 10,000 manuscripts that are written in gold and silver on handmade papers and books on Buddhist philosophy that were once in the library of ancient Nalanda and Vikramshila universities. These manuscript were taken to Tibet dating back of around 700 years ago before the destruction of these universities.

In January 2023, Government of Bihar appointed Delhi Metro Railway Corporation Ltd as consultant for the construction of a 1.4-km-long proposed subway (heritage tunnel) between Bihar Museum and Patna Museum. In August 2023, cabinet of Bihar Government approved the construction of heritage tunnel at the revised cost of ₹ 542 crore.

The visiting timing of tourist in Patna Museum is 10:30 am to 4:30 pm and opens for all days in week except Monday. The entry fee in Patna Museum is Rs.15 for Indian tourists and Rs.250 for foreigner tourists.

Location: Madiri kat pur musuam k bagl m, Patna, Bihar 800001

Patna Museum

(17) Patan Devi, Patna City

Patan Devi, also called Maa Sarvanand Kari Patneshwari, is the oldest and one of the most sacred temples of Patna, Bihar. It is regarded as one of the 51 Siddha Shakti Pithas in India. According to Puranic legends, the ‘right thigh‘ of the corpse of Devi Sati had fallen in both Maharajganj and Chowk areas in Old Patna city(Magadha) when it was chopped off by Lord Vishnu with his ‘Sudarshan Chakra‘. At these places, the Badi Patan Devi temple and the Chhoti Patan Devi temple were built. The name of the city Patna is widely believed to have been derived from the name of the Badi Patan Devi Temple. “Patan” means a town and Patna was a big place of export and import.

Bari Patan Devi

The Bari Patan Devi Temple, Patna is facing the North, towards the Ganges river. The statues of the temple are all made up in black stone. At the entrance of the temple there is a portico of dimension 1.5 ft × 15 ft (0.46 m × 4.57 m). After that there is a room of about 8 ft × 8 ft (2.4 m × 2.4 m) for gods namely, Mahakali (12 in (300 mm)), Maha Lakshmi (6 in (150 mm))), Maha Saraswati (12 in (300 mm))) and Bhairav (3 in (76 mm))).All the idols are kept on simhasans (thrones) of about 4 square in cross section and have a height of about 7 feet (2.1 m)). First three goddesses are attired in sarees. Promises are being made before the Goddess and on the fulfillment of the wishes devotees offer gifts and sarees in the temple.

Bari Patan Devi Temple, Patna

Chhoti Patan Devi

This temple is situated in the Chowk area of Patna City and once was considered as the main presiding deity of Patna. Over the years it has slipped to the second position of eminence, after the Bari Patan Devi temple. The temple, houses a host of intact and severed Brahmanical images, including, GaneshVishnu and Surya. Visitors generally bring sweets, garlands and fruits to offer to the deities. The priest of the temple takes some quantity of the prasad and returns the rest to the devotees. He marks their forehead with Rori (red powder). The devotees also give some money to the priest as dakshina.

The temple is just approx. 10 km from the Patna Junction Railway Station. Buses, Rickshaws, taxis etc. are available at Patna, Gulzarbagh and Patna City railway stations. The visiting timing for pilgrims in Patan Devi, Patna is 6 am to 10 pm.

Chhoti Patan Devi Temple, Patna

Location: Sadikpur, Patna, Bihar 800007

(18) Shitala Mandir, Agam Kuan

Goddess Shitala Mata is recognized as the family deity in many societies including Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Jats and Gurjars. Here, not only the local people but also people from other provinces come here to perform the tonsure of children and perform marriage ceremonies. Shitala Mata is also called the goddess of smallpox. The festival of Shitala Mata is known as Basyoda in Hindu society. One day before this festival, Bhog of Mata Shitala is prepared and on the second day, stale Bhog is offered to Mata Shitala. It is believed that worshiping Shitala Devi prevents smallpox.

Goddess Shitala Temple, Patna

Agam Kuan

There is a well inside the Shitala Temple premises named as Agam Kuan. ‘Agam Kuan’ is one of the most historical places of Patna. According to experts, this well was excavated during the reign of Emperor Ashoka in 273-232 AD. It is said that Ashoka built it to throw dead bodies of prisoners after killing them. It is said that in order to become king, Emperor Ashoka had 99 brothers killed and thrown into this well.

Location: Maharani Colony, Ranipur, Patna, Bihar 800007

Agam Kuan, Patna

(19) Kumhrar Park

Kumhrar’s Park situated in middle of town is ancient heart of city. This place was first excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India under the guidance of D. B. Spooner in the year 1912 – 15. The second excavation was done during 1951 – 55. The archaeological remains of ancient Pataliputra namely the Eighty pillared hall and Arogya Vihar are located at Kumrahar about six kms east of Patna railway station. According to historians, the only living signs of Emperor Ashoka’s empire across the country and probably the first evidence of ancient Pataliputra city is an 80-pillar assembly hall at the present day excavated remains of ancient Mauryan Palace at Kumhrar in east Patna.

The entry timing in Kumhrar Park, Patna is 6 am to 5 pm and opens in all days of week. The entry fee in Kumhrar Park, Patna is Rs.15 for Indian tourists and Rs.200 for foreigner tourists.

Location: Kumhrar, Patna, Bihar 800026

Kumhrar Park, Patna

(20) P & M Mall

P&M Mall is the first mall of Patna, the capital city of the eastern Indian state Bihar. It was opened in April 2011. Patna Central Mall is a shopping mall in Patna, Bihar owned by Anant Kumar Singh. Film director Prakash Jha & Manmohan Shetty are promoters of the mall. Manish K Jha is marketing director of Mall. This mall houses world-class retailing spaces which includes hyper market, departmental store, Multiplex, Entertainment Zone, Food court, restaurants, Gym, hotel, Conference & Banquet facilities Banquet Hall-Grand Ball Room can take up to 700 pax, conference Halls – Nalanda, Mitihla, Takshila and Vaishali, retail shops, elevator, and escalator. The mall is located at Patliputra colony in Patna, Bihar.

This mall houses four screen luxury multiplex. Cinépolis, the world’s 4th largest cinema chain and India’s first international exhibitor is the multiplex partner. The timing of P & M Mall , Patna is 10 am to 11:30 pm and opens for all days in a week.

Location: Bickey Icecream Sop, Pm Mall, Patliputra Industrial Area, Patliputra Colony, Patna, Bihar 800011

P & M Mall, Patna

(21) Hungama, Water Park

Hungama Water Park is located in Bihita, Patna right near to Tanhouli Bazar, Painal. It has many water rides and recreational activities for children and as well as for adults. The water park was opened in 2014 and has entertained many visitors since then.

Hungama Water Park is one of the largest amusement park and best water park in Patna, offering a complete go-to destination to make memories with family and friends. There were many rides in this Water Park like Sprawling, down-to-earth complex with water slides, wave pool, plus kiddie rides & a roller coaster. The entry fee in Hungama Water Park is Rs.400 from Monday to Friday and Rs.500 on weekends and holiday. The visiting timing of Hungama Water Park, Patna is 10 am to 5:30 pm.

Location: Danapur Bihta Road, National Highway, Patna, Bihar 800111

Hungama Water Park, Patna

(22) Maurya Lok Shopping Complex

Location: Morya Lok Complex, 25/26 A, New Dak Bunglow Rd, Patna, Bihar 800001

Maurya Lok Shopping Complex

(23) Ajanta, Madhubani Painting

Ajanta is located in Fraser Road, Patna. It is a nice place to buy genuine Madhubani paintings. It remains closed on Sundays. Here, we will find the beautiful collection of Madhubani paintings done on both silk and handmade paper.

A handmade paper painting costs you around Rs.350, and a painting on a silk base costs around Rs.950.

Location: East Boring Canal Road, Boring Road, Patna – 800001 (Near Rajapul)

Madhubani Painting

(24) Shahid Smarak / Martyr’s Memorial

The Martyrs’ Memorial, also known as Shaheed Smarak, is a life-size statue of seven young men who died in the Quit India movement (August 1942), to hoist the national flag on the (now) Secretariat building. The foundation stone of Martyr’s Memorial was laid on 15 August 1947, by the governor of Bihar, Mr. Jairam Das Daulatram in presence of Premier of Bihar Shri Krishna Sinha and his deputy Anugrah Narayan Sinha . The sculptor Devi Prasad Roychoudhury built the bronze statue of the seven students with the national flag. These statues were cast in Italy and later placed here.

Martyr’s Memorial is now situated outside the Secretariat building in Patna.

Following are the martyrs, whose names are engraved on Martyr’s Memorial.

  • Umakant Prasad Sinha (Raman Ji) 
  • Ramanand Singh 
  • Satish Chandra Jha 
  • Jagatpati Kumar 
  • Devipada Choudhry 
  • Rajendra Singh 
  • Ramgovind Singh 

Location: H4XC+MRJ, Mangal Rd, R-Block, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800015

Shahid Smarak / Martyr’s Memorial Patna

(25) Kali Mandir, Darbhanga House

Location: J5C7+MQR, Darbhanga House Rd, Patna University Campus, Patna, Bihar 800005

Kali Mandie, Darbhanga House Patna

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