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Many people in India don’t know about this pilgrim place Deoghar – Har Har MahaDev (a place somewhere in between Bihar and Jharkhand). This is one of the famous Lord Shiva temples in India. This place is also called “Devo ka ghar”. The mostly people visits in Saavan, Bhaado(according to Hindu Religion Calender) , and special occasion of Lord Shiva.

How to visit Deoghar temple

There are many ways to travel to Deoghar like trains, personal vehicles, flights, and buses. The nearest railway station to Deoghar is Deoghar Junction. We visited Deoghar in our vehicle and started from Patna and we reached Deoghar at 5 am. We reached the famous market of Deoghar “Ghanta Ghar” and took the stay at a hotel named “Kartik Hotel”. The hospitality of this hotel is very good and the staff is very cooperative. Here you can also order food in your room. You guys will get this hotel on a reasonable cost.

The temple is very nearby to this hotel. The pilgrim wore orange cloth along with “kaawar” on their shoulder. Firstly they bathe at “Shivganga” and then afterward pilgrims way direct to the temple of Deoghar – Har Har MahaDev and pore the holy Ganga water over Lord Shiva-Shivling. 

Vedic Story behind Deoghar and Shivganga

Once Raavan worshipped Lord Shiva and asked him to please come to Lanka with me. Lord Shiva got agree with Raavan but on one condition, i.e. take me with you in your hands, and wherever you put me, I’ll establish there. Raavan got agreed, and he started his journey from Kailash

When he came to Deoghar, need to go washroom, so for that he give Shivling to Lord Brahma person and told him, please lift this ling until I came from the washroom. But, Raavan took so much time, so that person place the Shivling in the same place and he left. Raavan did a washroom for so long time so Raavan’s Urine created a pond named SHIVGANGA. When Raavan returned from the washroom, he saw that Sihvling is kept on land and unable to move as per Lord Shiva’s wordings. So, Raavan got angry then Shiv said to him, your SHIVGANGA will now be considered as Holy water. Pilgrims whoever came to worship me, he has to first bathe in SHIVGANGA then only his Holy yatra will be successful. That’s why Baba Baidyanath Dham is so much famous due to this Vedic story of Lord Shiva and Raavan. 

Shiv Ganga

Kanwar Yatra

People who visit Baba Baidyanath Dham, then their next destination will be Basukinath temple. During the Rainy season, this Foot Yatra is very famous in Bihar and Jharkhand. Pilgrims took Ganges water from Uttarvahini Holy Ganges river from SULTANGANJ and starts their 103 km KANWAR YATRA to Deoghar on a footwalk. Pilgrims cover this KANWAR YATRA within 3-4 days by walking. In between, there were many famous stoppages like(Asarganj, Tarapur, Rampur, Kumarsar, Jalebiya Mor, Suiya hills, Inaravaran, Bhulbhulaiyaa, Goryari, Kalakatia Dharmshala, Bhooth Bangla, Darshania) for Pilgrims so that they took some rest. After worshipping in Deoghar, pilgrims visit Basukinath Temple by vehicle and pour Ganges holy water on Shivling and here their long KANWAR YATRA is completed.

Deoghar - Bol Bam Kaawariya
Bol Bam Kaawariya
Kanwariya Root during Shavani Mela
Kanwar Yatra to Deoghar

Last year, our Prime Minister also visited to Deoghar for worshipping Lord Shiva and prays for our country betterment.

Deoghar - Prime Minister visits to Jharkhand
Baba Baidyanath Dham – Prime Minister visits to Jharkhand

The market of Deoghar is famous for “Saatvik Bhojan”. Pilgrims also came here for the famous prasad i.e “Chura and Pera“. There are many materialistic like Sankhaa-Pola, beautifully designed bangles, and puja utensils and materials. There are many street food famous in Deoghar like Murmure-Pyaaz ke pakora, Chaat, and Saattu ke parathe.

After Deoghar, pilgrims were must visited next Lord Shiva temple i.e BABA BAASHUKINATH. Pilgrims pour Ganga jal over Shivling and pray for their family betterment. Pilgrims also visit many tourist places in Deoghar, to get more information about those attractions places, then please follow the link.

Baba Basukinath - Deoghar
Baba Basukinath

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