Let’s travel places in Jharkhand together

 Hey guys! How are you? Are you excited to travel to Jharkhand with me??? So, let’s travel places in Jharkhand together

When we think to travel Jharkhand….many things move into our minds just as Hills, jungle, coal mines, local cuisine foods, popular street foods, Water Dam, and many more.

1st Day of my trip

I visited Jharkhand in the rainy season, what a rainy day in Jharkhand, it’s just awesome. Jharkhand welcome us with heavy rain, just to mix us into Jharkhand’s monsoon mood. My destination railway station was KUMARDUBI, a small scenic village in Jharkhand. We reached there at 3 am in the morning and went to our relative’s home just to rest for some hours so that the next morning we will go out to check out the city. 

The morning was so good in Jharkhand, it’s so scenic view from my relative’s terrace.

It seems like the whole greenery comes to Jharkhand and overwhelms us with its beauty.

Jharkhand Rainy View
Jharkhand Rainy View

We enjoyed the local food of Jharkhand, arbi ke patte ke pakore, it’s so delicious and unique one, which I haven’t eaten before and at night we ate delicious Litti (fully dipped in ghee) and sarso ki chatni cooked over coal. 

The next day we booked a tour and travel car and went to Dhanbad – The city of Black Diamond. On the way, we visited a famous Khalsa Vegis(by Khalsa Hotel) to eat a delicious breakfast. Their ambiance was very good and the place is also so hygienic.  After the delicious breakfast, we went to Ram mandir, a beautiful temple surrounded by hilly and scenic views.

Ram Mandir - Jharkhand
Ram Mandir

There was a tradition to put Chandan tikka over the forehead, just to keep our minds cool and relaxed. It was just a unique experience and it felt so good. After Ram mandir, we went to Maithon dam, its main road is closed so we reached there through a small jungle way, its so adventurous. The dam is so scenic place to sit during sunset We sat over a rock in Maithon dam and enjoyed the sunset and our minds were gone in complete peace. After the beautiful maithon sunset, we decided to head towards dinner in HOTEL ROYAL MAITHON INTERNATIONAL. We ordered some light dinner but it was so delicious and yummy, which complete our day at the best node. 

Maithon Dam

2nd day of my trip

The next day, we all woke up early morning and went to MAA KALYANESWARI TEMPLE. There we worship KALYANESWARI MATA and took her blessings. That temple is famous for mundan and there were rush on Saturday in this temple. There was some photogenic place too behind the temple where you guys can take some quick snaps.

Kalyaneswari Temple - Jharkhand
Kalyaneswari Temple

There was many more scenic places to visit in Jharkhand nearby like PANCHET DAM WATERFALL, SNAKE PARK, NEHRU PARK, KALI MANDIR, and many more. 


Hope you guys enjoy blog Let’s travel places in Jharkhand together that make you feel good and mood to just travel Jharkhand. If you guys have some suggestions, please mention in the comment section. I am eagerly waiting for your experience. 

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