Best Top 5 clean beaches in Goa

There are many beaches in Goa where you guys just go to enjoy the sea waves. But, if we get an opportunity to visit clean beaches then our enjoyment level will go elevated. So, let’s know some best clean beaches in Goa.

So, find below some beautiful and clean beaches in Goa

(1) Sinquerim Beach – North Goa

I visited this beach during my honeymoon. We took a hotel named “SINQ PRIVE” just named after Sinquerim beach. This beach is so beautiful and clean. You guys can see fish in the waves which seem so exciting and amazing. We enjoyed the sea waves for so long time and started our beautiful married life with this beautiful and clean beach.

Few Famous shack at Sinquerim Beach
  • Sinq Night Club
  • Calamari Bathe & Binge
  • Martini Bar
  • Palms n Sands Beach Resto-bar
  • Himalaya Bar And Restaurant
  • Morisco Restaurant
  • Fisherman’s Hut Beach Shack

Sinquerim Beach – Goa

(2) Anjuna Beach – South Goa

This is one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in Goa. This beach is famous and tourist get attracted to this beach because of following 2 reasons:

(a) Rocky beach: This beach is also famous for its rocky view. So, tourists visit this beach and visit to rocky part just to enjoy the sea waves.

(b) Sunset view: This beach is also famous for its sunset view. Tourists mostly visit this beach in the evening time so that they enjoy the sunset view just by laying on their beach shack.

There were many options you guys can do at Anjuna Beach like:

  • Beach Shack were you can lay down and chill. Enjoy the sea waves while viewing the terrific sunset.
  • You can enjoy awesome food at famous shack CURLIES, and also enjoy nightlife at this shack.
  • You guys can do Photography and make reels for your followers just to share your experience.
Few Famous shack at Anjuna Beach
  • Curlies
  • Shiva Valley
  • Tantra Cafe and Huts
  • San Francisco’s Bar and Restaurant
  • O’Manuel Shack
  • Cafe Lilliput
  • Aura beach cafe
  • Soul kadi – Seafood Kitchen and Bar
Anjuna Beach - South Goa
Anjuna Beach – Goa

(3) Calangute Beach – North Goa

This beach is also very famous for its cleanliness. This beach is close to Baga Beach. Here, you can enjoy water sports too like Parasailing, Scuba diving, Banana rides, Bumper ride, Speed boat ride, and many more. So, tourist visit here just to enjoy sea waves, water sports, and chill while sitting in a beach shack. For more knowledge on water sports, please visit the Water Sports Post.

Few Famous shack at Calangute Beach
  • Souza Lobo
  • Rudy’s Golden Mermaid Beach Shack
  • Pousada By The Beach
  • Sam’s Beach Shack
  • Tropicana Beach Shack
  • Chelsea Beach Shack
  • Marina Beach Shack
Water sports in Calangute Beach
Water sports in Calangute Beach

(4) Palolem Beach – South Goa

This beach is situated in South Goa and tourist visit here just to enjoy cleanliness and sit in a beach shack. Surrounding this beach is palm trees and a beautiful beach shack. So, tourists can enjoy different sea foods cuisine at their shack.

Few Famous shack at Palolem Beach
  • Dropadi Bar And Restaurant
  • Ciarans
  • Brendon
  • Sai Valentines 
  • Avocado Garden Restaurant And Bar
  • Fernandes Wooden cottages
  • Tantra Cafe Restaurant and Beach Huts
Palolem Beach – South Goa

(5) Arambol Beach – North Goa

This beach is situated in North Goa. This beach is surrounded by cliffs. The winter season between November and March is said to be the best time to visit this place and cherish its beauty.

Few Famous shack at Arambol Beach
  • Santana Beach Shack
  • Opinhal beach shack
  • Cafe Maitree
  • Rock Lobster Lounge & Bar
  • Chika Palace
  • Shimons Falafel
  • Garden Of Dreams
Arambol Beach - Goa
Arambol Beach – Goa

Hope you guys enjoys this Goa blog and now excited to visit best clean beaches in Goa. If you guys have some suggestions, please mention in the comment section.

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