Bol Bam

Most famous place for pilgrims of Bihar and Jharkhand during the rainy season to visit Baba Dham(Bol Bam). Pilgrims worship their Lord Shiva by pouring Ganges water on Shivling and praying for their family’s betterment. ShivGanga is also famous during this Dham, due to the famous Vedic stories behind it.

Once Raavan worshipped Lord Shiva and asked him to please come to Lanka with me. Lord Shiva said take me with you in your hands, and wherever you put, I’ll establish there. Raavan got agreed, and he started his journey from Kailash and when he came to Deoghar. He need to go washroom, so for that he give Shivling to Lord Brahma person and told him, please lift this ling until I came from the washroom.

But, Raavan took so much time, so that person place the Shivling in the same place and he left. Raavan did washroom for so long time so Raavan’s Urine pond was named SHIVGANGA. When Raavan returned from the washroom, he saw that Sihv is kept on land and unable to move as per Lord Shiva’s wordings. So, Raavan got angry then Shiv said to him, your SHIVGANGA will now be considered as Holy water. Pilgrims whoever came to worship me, he has to first bathe in SHIVGANGA then only his Holy yatra will be successful. That’s why Baba Baidyanath Dham is so much famous due to this Vedic story of Lord Shiva and Raavan.