Many people in India don’t know about this pilgrim place Deoghar – Har Har MahaDev (a place somewhere in between Bihar and Jharkhand). This is one of the famous Lord Shiva temples in India. Deoghar is also called “Devo ka ghar”. The mostly people visits in Saavan, Bhaado(according to Hindu Religion Calender) , and special occasion of Lord Shiva.

There are many ways to travel like trains, personal vehicles, flights ,and buses. The nearest railway station to is Deoghar Junction. We visited by his own vehicle and started from Patna. The temple is very nearby to this hotel. The pilgrim wore orange cloth along with “kaawar” on their shoulder. Firstly they bathe at “Shivganga” and then afterward pilgrims way direct to the temple of  Har Har MahaDev and pore the holy Ganga water over Lord Shiva-Shivling.